How to Use My Website

Find everything you want to know about my books and enjoy a wealth of additional information.

My site takes a unique and exciting twist on an author’s blog. Instead of being written from my personal perspective, it’s presented as though the characters in the story are blogging. It includes periodic posts chronicling interesting daily goings on, musings, experiences, thoughts and such of the characters in the series. Sort of like they’re real.

Since I’m trying to craft stories rich in verbal imagery, the site also includes visual images and image montages to go along with the scenes described in each chapter–images of the characters, settings, wardrobes, and stylized food photos as well as links to recipes for each dish described. Anyway, I thought it might be fun for readers to have a way to ‘see’ what I have described.

In addition to the obvious, here’s a unique way to use my site…

Expand the main menu above like this…

…and select where you want to cruise. You can choose scenes by chapter or find out more about the characters, settings, clothes or food. And you can find a handy list of English translations for anything the characters have said in another language.

Expand the character blogs menu to choose a character to listen to.



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