Fractured Persona

“A psychological thriller with plenty of twists and turns, Fractured Persona is a solid and recommended pick.” —The Midwest Book Review

A Novel

Richard Fornek is Having a Very Bad Day.

Structural engineer, Richard Fornek, awakens from a coma in a North Carolina hospital in full possession of a lifetime of memories—but not in possession of his body. A glimpse in a mirror and the evidence of a driver’s license prove that Fornek is trapped in the body of warehouse worker Daniel Curtis. Terrified, he insists that he’s Richard Fornek, but when faced with the prospect of admittance to a psychiatric hospital, he is forced to assume a new role to buy time to figure out what’s going on. Alone and confused, things go from bad to worse as he struggles to regain control of his life. A little romance, a little murder, and a whole lot of hair-raising suspense unfold as he scrambles to stay one step ahead of the mayhem.

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