Fatal Seduction

“Forget CASTLE . . . Ben Tucker is much better.”
— Michael Phelps, Author of DAVID JANSSEN—Our Conversations

Benjamin Tucker Mystery #2

Someone Is About to Have a Splitting Headache.

Still reeling from the aftermath of a psychopath’s brutal killing spree, the residents of the usually tranquil town of Cary, North Carolina are stunned when their mayor is assassinated. True crime author, Benjamin Tucker, soon finds himself to be a person of interest in the murder, and is forced to lay low as authorities flounder in their search for the assassin. Unable to keep out of the thick of things, Tucker lends his support once again to Lieutenant John Netter, in the investigation of a separate unrelated murder. The unorthodox duo soldiers on between frustrating dead ends and baffling new leads, before finally uncovering the astonishing bombshell that will expose the shocking truth.

Award winning author Harry James Krebs reunites his intriguing cast of characters in the second entry of the Benjamin Tucker mystery series. Fatal Seduction is a riveting, yet heartwarming story of betrayal, revenge, murder, and the emergence of a curious, unconditional friendship.


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  1. Pam Underwood

    Love the characters

  2. Cathy

    Ben Tucker is a great character I hope you keep the series going.

  3. susan

    Please send an email when fatal seduction comes out.

    1. Harry James Krebs

      Will do, Susan!


    I have read Fractured Persona and Vengeance is Mine. Excellent books. I have recommended to everyone I talk to. Just can’t wait for your next books to come out. Anxiously awaiting for Fatal Seductions. Any idea when I can look for it? Please add me to your email list if you notify the date for purchase. Keep up the fantanstic writing. Linda

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