The Novels of Harry James Krebs (Coming Soon . . . )

Fatal Seduction

Benjamin Tucker Mystery #2
Someone Is About to Have a Splitting Headache.

Vengeance Is Mine

Benjamin Tucker Mystery #1
Meet Your Worst Nightmare.

Fractured Persona

A Novel
Richard Fornek is Having a Very Bad Day.




Here’s the new short story we’re testing as a prototype for the Benjamin Tucker Mystery Series audiobooks, which are currently in production.
Narrator is none other than stage and screen actor Les Lannom (we call him “The Genuine Voice”). Amazing producer is our very own Holly Kee.



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  1. Diana Lund

    Great job on the audio.

    You can teach all of us aspiring writers a lesson on persistence and dedication.

    ***** Five stars for all of your work.

    1. Harry James Krebs

      Thanks, Diana. I have an intrepid, crackerjack team behind me!

  2. Ken

    Just finished “Vengeance Is Mine.” Great story. Can’t wait for more. I hope you will have more e-books available.

    1. Harry James Krebs

      Thank you, Ken. So happy you enjoyed my story. Tucker #2 is targeted for publication in the fall of 2017. I will put you on my A-list for notification.

  3. Robert Stockwell

    Wow, Great!!!!!!! Wanting more

  4. Suzanne Boswell

    Wow! Harry, I just listened to the story of “Favorite Son”. GREAT drama and tension. And Les has a terrific voice for Benjamin and the audio series. Keep us informed on when the audio series is available. Can’t wait to listen more!! I’m a fan!!

    1. Harry James Krebs

      Thank so much, Suzanne! Thrilled that you enjoyed it!

  5. Emma Dickinson

    I have so enjoyed sharing Ben and Oscar’s first escapades and I am delighted to see you have more adventures planned. Your writing style is easy to read, absorbing and funny! I enjoyed every word. My only (constructive) criticism… need to write faster, we’re all waiting for the next book 😊!! Best wishes xxxxxxx

    1. Harry James Krebs

      So happy you enjoyed my story, Emma! Tucker 2 is coming soon!

  6. Roxanne Bays

    5 Stars for Vengeance is Mine!!! I so enjoyed this book (and I am an avid reader) that I am out looking for more of ‘Tucker and friends’. I was able to procure a paperback copy of Fractured Persona and anxiously await it’s delivery. In the meantime, I am searching out this website to find some more. PLEASE let me know when Fatal Seduction becomes available and I will immediately purchase. I absolutely love your style and characters. As much as I was enthralled with Tucker (and, of course, little Oscar), I envision so many more stories to come with the great cast of characters – family, associates and friends (Lainie). And, we all know that Prescott’s body was never found. . . . .

    1. Harry James Krebs

      Thank you, Roxanne! I’m so happy you liked my story. Will absolutely put you on my A-list for word about the release of Tucker #2. I’ll give you a little teaser: I think you will enjoy meeting Charlotte…


      1. Roxanne Bays

        Thank you so much….looking forward to it!

  7. Jean Denham (& Roy)

    My husband & I just finished reading ‘Vengeance is Mine’ – he on his kindle & me on my ipad. We both had trouble putting the book down; we thoroughly enjoyed it. To the point of us having cheese & crackers for dinner, so I wouldn’t have to stop reading! (As a retired chef, this is unheard for me. 😉 )

    More than you’d ever want to know, but….now, I’m off to find more of your books. Thanks for entertaining us.

    P.S. coincidently, my husband is also an engineer. – retired hydraulics. (Your damn minds work the same way!)

    1. Harry James Krebs

      So happy you enjoyed my story, Jean! Sorry about the cheese and crackers. I have recently changed publishers and my books may be temporarily unavailable for a few weeks. But they will be back on the grid again soon with a fresh new look. I hope you will enjoy the rest of my stories as well! (Sorry also about Roy’s and my damn minds. My wife would totally agree with you.) Harry

  8. elizabeth

    i just finished reading “vengeance is mine”

    I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to another of your books

  9. Joan

    Please let me know when “Fatal Seduction” is available on Kindle. Have enjoyed both of your other books.



    1. Harry James Krebs

      Will do, Joan! Thank you very much!

  10. Lola

    Hi, so enjoyed your book ‘Vengence is mine’ , so glad to see that your doing a series : ). Love your style !! Have a good day

    1. Harry James Krebs

      Thank you so much. Lola! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed my story!I wish you a good day as well, and a beautiful Spring weekend!

  11. Kathleen Hawks

    I just read Fractured Persona and Vengeance is Mine and have added you to my list of favorite authors. Two great reads and can’t wait for your next one!

    1. Harry James Krebs

      Thank you so much, Kathleen! So happy you enjoy my stories! I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  12. charmel

    Just finished your book and thoroughly enjoyed it! Nice balance of elements. Oscar was my favorite character and had me laughing out loud.

    1. Harry James Krebs

      Thank you so much, Charmel! So happy you enjoyed my story. I’m a dog person and it was important to me to make Oscar an important supporting character. He’s one of my favorites as well. Harry

  13. Joan

    I have read both of your books and am eagerly awaiting your new book “Fatal Seduction”.

  14. Tom Kiker

    An excellently written story! Interesting characters, intriguing storyline, humorous interaction between Ben and Netter, and a surprising way of eliminating the villian.

  15. donna

    Just finished vengeance and loved it. Fast paced with lots of surprises which is what makes a good mystery. And you made me Lol more than a few times . Not many books can do that. Thank you


      Thank you so much, Donna! Happy you enjoyed my story, and thrilled to have made you laugh. My objective is to entertain you!

  16. Lynda

    Vengeance Is Mine is a fantastic book.

    Thank you!


      Thank you very much, Lynda! So happy you enjoyed it.

  17. Rick Roane

    Hi Harry,

    What do you think about taking Fractured Persona to audiobook format?


    1. Harry James Krebs

      Would love to investigate that!

  18. Joni

    I just finished your book Fractured Persona. BRAVO. This was an amazing book I thoroughly enjoyed. It kept me guessing right until the end. Thank you.

    1. Harry James Krebs

      Thank you so much, Joni! Totally makes my day! So happy you enjoyed my story.

  19. Joan

    Please email me when new Benjamin Tucker books are available. Thank you.

    1. Harry James Krebs

      Will do, Joan. Tucker #2 will be out in a couple more months.

  20. Vicky Stow

    I just finished your book, Fractured Persona, and I had to tell you I just loved it. I left a review on Amazon which I don’t do with every book I read. I was especially happy with the ending because I worried all through the book about that loose end. I was thrilled to have it cleared up in such a happy and satisfactory way!

    1. Harry James Krebs

      Thank you very much, Vicky! So happy you enjoyed my story. I wanted the characters to all have some sort of peace in the end. Just like I think we all want. Thank you as well for the very kind and generous review on Amazon. You have totally made my day! Harry

  21. Tara

    I just finished reading Vengeance is Mine . It was so interesting that I couldn’t put it down. I loved the book and right after finishing it I googled to see if you had written other books. I will be reading Fractured Persona next.

    1. Harry James Krebs

      Thank you for seeking out my website, Tara! So happy you enjoyed my story. And thank you for giving Fractured Persona a try as well!!

  22. Anthony Wessel

    Good morning.

    We wanted to let you know that your book was listed on The Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books List as seen on Digital Book Today. We also send this same list daily to our 11,100+ subscribers.

    Your book is currently in the top 10 downloaded free books from our site for today (it was published at 6:00 am CST). We average between 8,000 – 12,000 Amazon downloads per day. We found you book with our search tool that we use to supplement our list when needed. To guarantee being listed on your future free days, use our submission form. Free books stay on our list for up to four (4) days.

    Digital Book Today has been in business since 2009. If interested, you can view our promotions page to see all of our promotions (paid and free).

    Thanks and we hope you have continued good luck with your book.

    Anthony and the staff at Digital Book Today.

    1. Harry James Krebs

      Thank you so much, Anthony! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your kind support!

  23. Joan Binder

    Please notify me of upcoming Benjamin Tucker Kindle books. Thanks

    1. Harry James Krebs

      I will do that, Joan. Thank you so much for your support! HJK

  24. Mike

    My kids gave me a copy of Vengeance Is Mine for Fathers Day. Just got around to reading it and was pleasantly surprised. Great plot with great characters. And as a resident of Apex, NC, the local tie-ins made it even more enjoyable. I’m glad to have learned that another Benjamin Tucker novel is on the way…can’t wait to read it.

  25. Lloyd potts

    Fantastic book. Thanks for writing it. Looking forward to the next one. I am glad there is hope for us retired guys – thinking about giving writing a shot myself

    All the best

  26. neil cathey

    Just finished Vengeance Is Mine. I grew up in Charlotte & am very familiar with the Raleigh area.
    Very good read. Keep ’em coming.

  27. Barbara Moore

    Loved Ben tucker. I sent message on face book in which you replied. Thanks. Can you send notices as to when next in series is out?
    On to reading Fractured Persona. Thanks for a great book

    1. Harry James Krebs

      So happy you asked! ‘Fatal Seduction’ is the next installment, set again in Holly Springs, NC. A local mayor is assassinated and all hell breaks loose! Netter continues to smoke his stinkin’ cigars and Roberta continues to keep Ben in line with her trusty wooden spoon. Due out in the fall. HJK

  28. Dana

    Awesome story. Characters are true human beings with real emotions. They were lol funny at times while still keeping you in the edge if your seat. I am a fan. Looking forward to your series. Thanks!

  29. Joan Binder

    Please notify me when new Benjamin Tucker mystery books become available. I loved the humor and mystery in Vengeance is Mine.


  30. Maria

    LOVED the book. Looking forward to the next one!

  31. Thalia

    I have just finished Vengeance is Mine which I received free from Amazon. I do not write reviews but if I did, your book would have a 5 star rating with me. I am retired and read a lot, 749 books in a little less than three years on my Kindle. I tell you this so you will understand how much I read, yet I have never felt the need to write an author or review. I loved the book. I hesitated to get it because of the gruesome method of deaths in the description but I compliment you on your handling of these crimes. Ben is such a great character who is so easy to love. I can not find another book with him so I assume you are not finished with a second book. I felt some anger when the cops suspected him, shed tears with the touching handling of his ex-wife’s death and his daughter’s devastation over the loss of her mother and his feelings over her death. laughed at his moments and thoughts and relationships with the Lt., the housekeeper, children, dog and wife. What more could anyone ask for in a book. Congratulations, you are no very talented. I hope there will be more Benjamin Tucker novels for me to enjoy. Thank you for the hours I could leave my world and enjoy Ben’s.

  32. Ron blazer

    Great book, thanks!

  33. Pam Rutherford

    Thoroughly enjoyed Vengeance is Mine…………..ready for more !

  34. julie

    Let me know immediately when the second book comes out!! I loved this one! 5 stars for you!!

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